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Over the last few weeks we have been talking with other facilities, instructors, jumpers and our local health department and have came up with a list of procedures and protocols to follow when starting back up from the season. Although we do not agree that all of these procedures should be a requirement, our local Government is forcing most of these things on us. Please feel free to send an email to our local representatives telling them how you feel about the stay at home orders and the orders that they are forcing our businesses and citizens to follow. We are also still not sure if we will need to increase the prices at all in order to cover the extra costs of sanitizing equipment, hand sanitizers, wipes, less jumpers on the loads to allow appropriate distancing, etc. We are still thinking through all of that and determining what the excess costs are. The current changes are as follows:

· Please pay attention to the signs in the driveway when pulling in. If you do not agree with the signs, then please do not stay at the Dropzone. Signs will read something similar to this: I agree to wear a mask the entire time at Cleveland Skydiving Center. I do not have Covid-19, nor have I been in contact with anyone who has it. I do not have any flu-like symptoms and I do not have a higher than normal temperature. I will stay at least 6 foot away from all others. I will use hand sanitizer and wash my hands before touching anything at Cleveland Skydiving Center. I assume the risk of potentially contracting Covid-19 at Cleveland Skydiving Center. If I am a spectator I will remain in my car until my jumpers load is going up and I am permitted to head to the specified picnic table. Etc.

· Once you get to the DZ, you MUST check in at Manifest each day before you go anywhere else on the dropzone. Please make sure you have your mask on. The new temporary manifest will be at the outdoor window on the porch. At the window, we will take your temperature, give you some hand sanitizer and confirm that your face mask is appropriate. If you do not have an appropriate mask, we will have neck buffs for sale that you can use.

· If you do not already have money on your account, please put money on your account PRIOR to opening day. You can do so by sending it to us through PayPal at [email protected]. Please include who it is for as we don’t know everyone’s personal email. If you do not have PayPal, let us know and we can set up other options for you.

· If you require a recurrency jump, please give us a call ahead of time and let us know what day you plan on coming out and we will schedule a time for you to arrive to the DZ to start ground training.

· We will give you a group number when you arrive and that will determine the loads that you can manifest for. Group A, can manifest for odd numbered jumps and Group B can manifest for even loads. We are doing this to keep people separated in the airplane so that we are minimizing potential spread.

· The main building will be locked. If you need to use the restrooms, the back door will be open. Please refrain from touching surfaces when at all necessary. If you need to get jumpsuits, equipment, etc. you can request that from the manifest office temporary window. Personal goggles are for sale at manifest if you do not want to use the shared ones. PSP/AFF students will use the same equipment for the entire day. Once you are finished for the day all of your equipment will need to come back to the office. Your helmet and goggles will go on the table and your jumpsuit will be placed in the laundry bin so that we can get everything washed and sanitized for the next day.

· Please do not linger in the hangar or main building between loads. If you are not packing, you do not need to be in the hangar. Please stay outside and maintain social distancing with masks on. If you are a smoker, please go to the East Side outside of the hangar or the parking area closest to the road to smoke where you are heavily distanced from others.

· Once you are on a 20 minute call for your load, please start getting yourself prepared and ready. Once you are ready, please report to the West outdoor side of the hangar. From there, we will confirm your load and give you some more hand sanitizer. Make sure your masks are on and secured. When loading, please keep at least 6 ft between each other. Do not start to board the plane until the person ahead of you is on and the loader waves you forward. We are not filling the plane to its capacity so please leave some space between you and the people behind and in front of you.

· Keep your masks on in the airplane the entire ride up to altitude unless you start experiencing any breathing difficulties or if you think it will labor your breathing in any way. Please refrain from talking to each other as much as possible. DO NOT TOUCH or talk to the pilot unless its 100% necessary. If you need to talk to the pilot, you may wave your hand between the pilot and co-pilot seat and they will acknowledge you when they can. If it is an emergency then do what is needed to safely get their attention. When the pilot gives the red light and we are opening the door you can remove your mask. We will be giving the red light a little earlier than usual so that you have time to prepare yourself. Please do not talk at this time and avoid breathing on others as best as possible. I know we all love to fist pump and high five prior to exiting but a wink and a nod will have to do for now.

· After you land, please put your mask back on and continue to maintain social distancing. When you come into the packing area, please use the center checkered lane to walk up and then find a spot to pack. Paid packing is on the East side and all other packing is on the West side. We will have lanes roped off for you guys to use to help aid in social distancing. Please use the same lane all day if at all possible. If you need paid packing, pick an open lane on the East side, set your stuff down and we will get it packed back up for you.

· This hurts us the most but once you are finished jumping, we kindly ask that you do not linger around the DZ. We are only allowed to have so many people gathered at any given time. Therefore, you hanging out at the DZ is prohibiting others from jumping. We really wish that we could invite you all to hang with us and have a bonfire after jumping but were not quite there yet. Please be patient and we will be able to mingle and hang out soon enough.

We thank you very much for helping us get through all of this. We know that these conditions are not ideal but we are doing our best to comply with the restrictions that have been imposed on us. We are so so sorry that things have to be this way. It for sure sucks. See you all soon and please let us know if you have any other recommendations to add to this list. We will be sending out a finalized list of procedures for you all once we know when we are able to skydive again.


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